All examples require a 'caller' and a 'receiver' to be logged before the call is placed.

Examples do not manage any user information or any status or call queues.

Any mechanism of notifications and user status management must be programed outside our user controls.

Video call example 1

An example can be downloaded in the following link

This example was built to solve the following scenario:

  • A user can log in to a video call using a name or identifier in the mobile application or the web application.
  • Once logged in, the user can enter the name of any user and place a call.

This example allows the user the place calls in any direction:

  • Web -> Web
  • Web -> SD
  • SD -> Web
  • SD -> SD

Recording session

A sample "RecordingSession" transaction can be downloaded in the following link.

This Transaction can be used to store and view recorded videos in the server, when "Remote Recording" is used.

This transaction can be used combined with previous examples to enable video call recording on the web. To complete the sample, the user must include the following code on the web app:

Event DVSinchClientWeb1.onCallEstablished    

Event DVSinchClientWeb1.onRecordingRemoteUploadEnded
    msg(!"Recording Upload Success")

Event DVSinchClientWeb1.onRecordingRemoteUploadFailed
    msg(!"Recording Failed")

Check "Video call recording on web" for more information.