Create your own Design System with WorkWithPlus

WorkWithPlus provides a wide set of default Design Systems that can be used to generate applications with amazing UX. These designs can be selected and customized from our Design System Wizard

You can use one of these default designs or you can create your own Design System according to your business requirements. WorkWithPlus has 100% flexibility so you will be able to create the exact design that you need.

In this tutorial, you will learn, how to create your own Design System by developing a practical example. 

The challenge

We will use the LEVI STRAUSS & CO e-commerce site as a sample for this exercise:

The challenge is to use Levi's site as an inspiration and create our own application with a similar design.

In this exercise, we will focus on the design of the home application:


Before we start

For this example you will need:

Help, I’m Stuck!

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