Issue with Column Filters

WorkWithPlus has the possibility to include "Column Filters" within the grid's columns in order to filter data:


In some situations the "Columns Filter" may show the "Loading Data" message instead of displaying the data properly:


These kind filters are developed by using procedures (<TRN_NAME>WWGetFilterData) exposed as REST services, so you should try the following steps in order to solve the issue.

Step 1 - URL Rewrite (only for .NET)

You should verify that URL Rewrite is properly installed as explained in:,How+to+install+URL+Rewrite

Once you install it, you have to allow WCF HTTP as explained here:,URLRewrite+-+Common+issues,

Step 2 - Generate the procedures

If the problem still happens, open the procedure "<TRN_NAME>WWGetFilterData" and use the option "Build With This Only" in order to ensure that the procedure is being properly generated.


Step 3 - Use browser console

Use the browser console in order to identify the error and send an email to showing the browser console data.