BusinessIntelligencePlus Methodology

BusinessIntelligencePlus proposes a very simple methodology based in four steps:

Step 1: design the cube

The GeneXus analyst designs the cube based on the knowledge of the business and selects which transactions and attributes will be used to create the cube according to the requirenments.

You can learn more in: Create a new cube

Step 2: initial load

Given the de?ned design, BusinessIntelligencePlus automatically performs the initial load of the cube so you can easily try the cube.

Step 3: query the cube

BusinessIntelligencePlus automatically creates the necessary screens to query the created cube in a conversational way. Also, it creates a Dashboard where you can add queries and frequent indicators. These screens have a totally uni?ed UX with the rest of the application.

You can learn more in: Quering a cube

Step 4: update the data

BusinessIntelligencePlus creates the necessary procedures and objects to automate the data updating according to the business needs. Easily, you can create a scheduled task or de?ne a script to automate this process.

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