Step 5 - Customize the Master Page

In this Step you can customize some things to the Master Page.



In this section you have the followings possibles customizations:

  • Logo
    In this option you can modify the logo that the application will have, it's possible to select an icon that you have inside Genexus or import some that you have in your filesystem.
  • Favicon
    In this option you can modify the favicon of the application.
  • Google Analytics
    If you want google analytics in your application, you can set this with this option.
  • Fixed Header
    If you have the vertical menu you can define it as fixed.
  • Title
    In this option you define the title of the application.

Top Right Actions 

In this section you can customize the actions in the top right.

The field Display can have three values:

  • Only Icon
  • Icon and User Name
  • Do not include

If you have this field in 'Only Icon' or 'Icon and User Name', you can define if you want to include or not the user name, role name, password action and logout action.


In this section you can define if you want a footer, the text inside it and if it will be fixed or not.