SmartDevicesPlus User controls

SmartDevicesPlus provides a set of User Controls built to improve the Smart Devices user experience.

  • For Android, SmartDevicesPlus provides Iguana UI controls
  • For IOs, SmartDevicesPlus provides NucliOs controls

The User Controls provided by SmartDevicesPlus  are included in SmartDevicesPlus templates, so that you can create SD Panels using them automatically and in a very easy way. This User Controls are Charts of many different kinds.

More info: Using the User Controls templates

But these User Controls have lots of configurations that you can change in the SmartDevicesPlus template that contains them or in the SD Panels itself. For example, properties like where to locate the title, which colours to use, etc.

More info: Documentation of User Controls

In GeneXus 15, user controls must be compiled within GeneXus FlexibleClient in order to work. SmartDevicesPlus will automatically try to compile user controls when a Theme is selected. If the user is not using SmartDevicesPlus themes, the user controls will have to be compiled using SmartDevicesPlus menu option setup android controls

For more information on how to manually compile GeneXus Flexible client see Compile Android FlexibleClient