Theme And Templates

SmartDevicesPlus provides a set of Templates that can be assigned to 'Panels for Smart Devices' and 'Work With for Smart Devices' objects. These templates are based on a Theme.

There are many Themes available by default (created automatically by SmartDevicesPlus), but also you can create your own Themes and also create all the templates needed (in this case is recommended that you copy a Theme and its templates and then modify it, so that you don't have to start from scratch with no templates on that theme).

You can start by applying one SmartDevicesPlus Theme to your application -> Select an SmartDevicesPlus Theme . But if you do not do this, the first time that you use SmartDevicesPlus in a KB and you create a Smart Devices or WorkWith for Smart Devices object, it will require that you select a SmartDevicesPlus Theme from the available ones. (Create a Panel for Smart Devices using a template).

A SmartDevicesPlus Theme is a set of Templates (each template of a Theme can have different purposes but they all have a similar look & feel).


These templates are the ones that we select for one Panel for Smart Devices  when we create one ( more info:: Create a Panel for Smart Devices using a template). For example, we could have templates in order to create a Panel to show a list of records with a title and a description, or a list showing an image, a title and a description, etc. These templates can be based on attributes or in an SDT in order to show or edit the information on them.  They are divided in categories (each Theme will have a set of category templates and you can create new categories and new templates of a Theme). These categories will group templates by the purpose of the Panel.

After you select a SmartDevicesPlus Theme, some objects will be imported to your Knowledge Base (images, GeneXus theme, etc.). 

Then, when you create other objects using SmartDevicesPlus it will require that you select a template from the ones available for that theme, so that you mantain a standarized look & feel throughout your application.

So, you can create new Themes, but also you can create or modify templates within a Theme.