Setup SmartDevicesPlus

In order to install  SmartDevicesPlus you have to follow the steps below: 

  1. Run the setup:
  2. Press Next button, and the following window will be shown: 

    In the field 'Folder' you must sign in the route where GeneXus is installed. For example "C:\Program Files\Genexus\GeneXusU5"
    If the instalation is for GX Server, you must check the option 'GeneXus Server instalation' and it won't need a license for that instalation.
    Finally Press Next
  3. The installation is complete:

If you were upgrading the version of SmartDevicesPlus and you have already authorized the licenses the process is complete.
If you are installing SmartDevicesPlus by the first time:

The process is complete. The help online will be opened if the checkbox 'Open SmartDevicesPlus Help' is marked, and the GX License Manager will be opened if the checkbox 'Open GeneXus License Manager' is marked.